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Moon Garden:  Wendy Mewes
15th Mar 2010Posted in: Book Reviews, Featured Comments Off on Moon Garden: Wendy Mewes
Moon Garden: Wendy Mewes

The story centres around Rufus, whose life is a mess. His wife has left him for another man, he’s just bought a run-down cottage by mistake, and the bookshop he’s committed to looking after for a friend of a friend has turned out to be decidedly occult in orientation and way off his wavelength. But there’s something special about Mean Cottage, and also about Cate, his elderly neighbour. She seems to possess skills that owe more to magic than logic and, believing that he and the cottage are meant for each other, she takes on the task of guiding him through the trials and traumas of close encounters with the inhabitants of Creech, ” in particular Lily, a red-haired temptress “, and helping him find himself and his place in life. And all the while there’s the Moon Garden, shining behind the cottage, neglected and overgrown, its magic as potent as ever.Wendy Mewes has created a cast of colourful characters and sprinkled the story with a magic to believe in, but in spite of good ingredients it took me months to finish reading as it was just too easy to put down. Any tension has been lost through overwriting. If the novel had been tightened up by a good editor and shortened by a third I believe Moon Garden would have been something special – magical escapism

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